As Diane Ladd celebrates her 87th birthday today, Laura Dern refers to her as “Goddess Mama.”

This is Laura Dern’s way of honoring Diane Ladd, her mother.

The Jurassic Park actress Bryce Dallas Howard posted a picture of her and her daughter Billie in identical red bikinis to commemorate Diane Ladd’s 87th birthday on Tuesday.

“Goddess Mama, happy birthday!” Dern, 55, published. “You are both my favorite person to go swimming with and an endless source of inspiration for me! And simply the greatest performer in world history!”

Dern received further appreciation and acclaim from her social media fans on her successful day after winning the BAFTA and the Golden Globe.

“Possibly the greatest acting ever…

Perfection that sends chills down your spine “a follower had written in.

A further fan remarked that your mother’s performance as Marietta Fortune was “by far some of the best actings of all time.” “She did a fantastic job in that role,” people said.

In her speech from the previous year, Dern paid respect to her mother and expressed how much she adores her.

She said that there was “nothing like waking up my cutie mama on her birthday surrounded by friends and cakes!” in reference to the cinema veteran who was born in Mississippi and has appeared in over one hundred different productions. “I adore you beyond all comprehension, incredible Diane!!!!!!! I am one of the luckiest daughters in the world.”

On Monday, the actress who won an Academy Award shared a tribute to another important lady in her life: her daughter Jaya. Jaya is the daughter of the actress.

The mother of two children shared a photo carousel on Instagram to honor her daughter Jaya on the occasion of her 18th birthday. The photo carousel included pictures of Jaya when she was a young girl, as well as a more recent picture.

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As Diane Ladd celebrates her 87th birthday today, Laura Dern refers to her as “Goddess Mama.”
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