Epic Jedi Battle Between Father And Son

Children are masters of drama and have cute little chubby faces that make them irresistible. They love playing games with their parents, siblings, or whoever may be around them. A toddler called Kieren has mastered the art of acting like a little Padawan from the famous Star Wars movie and takes up battling with his dad.

Kieren picks up his red Jedi sword and attacks his opponent, who is holding a green sword. He gives his opponent (Dad) two strikes before receiving a blow from the green sword. He then pretends to be dying. He walks a bit and then dramatically collapses onto the floor. His cute chubby face is full of painful expressions.

This little actor should get an award for his superb acting, complete with facial expressions. It is rare to find a little child who pays attention to such small details. Kieren has progressed from being a Padawan and is now ready to be the “Next Jedi” in any new Star Wars sequel.

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Epic Jedi Battle Between Father And Son
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