Finally a daughter: a girl was born in a family with 14 boys

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be a mother of a girl if you’ve only had boys for more than a decade.
Today we will introduce you to the Schwandt family from Michigan, who already got into the media in April 2018, because she called her 14th son a very unusual name — Shiboyegen.

But now they have a new reason to give an interview because the 15th child was born in their family and this is the first girl!

The happy mom says that she never worried about the gender of her children. She met her husband while still at school, and after graduating from college, the couple already raised three sons. At the moment, the eldest is already 28 years old. He already has a wife and his own house and they are planning a child. Taylor often jokes that they are ready for their son, because the parents have the entire boy’s wardrobe in the house, for any age and season.

The newborn baby was given a simple name — Maggie. 45-year-old parents have long figured out what they will call their daughter, they had enough time. Their grandfather jokes that earlier, if only boys were born in an Indian family, a certain rite was performed, after which one hundred percent a girl was to be born, and if not, then the shaman screamed: “She boy again!”, Which means “again a boy!”. Therefore, the youngest son was called a double name — Finley-Shiboyegen.

Kateri says that because of so many boys in the house, there is constant chaos and disorder, noise, and constantly hungry. But if they didn’t like it, they would have settled on two sons a long time ago. A daughter for a large family is like a ray of sunshine and she already has so many protectors!

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Finally a daughter: a girl was born in a family with 14 boys
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