With cowboy boots and a ribbon on her chest. Alec Baldwin’s pregnant daughter and ex-wife show up at Hollywood nightclub

Alec Baldwin’s 27-year-old daughter is preparing to become a mother. Ireland and her musician lover Andre Allen Anjos (RAC) will have their first child. The couple is known to be expecting a girl. Baldwin is upfront about her illness.


The pregnant model followed traditional Western practice by throwing a celebration for her future daughter. Ayrland used his imagination to plan the party. The model booked a room in a Hollywood strip club in Los Angeles and decorated it with balloons and invited dancers. Baldwin also had a cake made for her soon-to-be daughter.

Ireland chose a provocative gown that emphasized her changing form. She was dressed in a black lace bustier gown. The model wore it with cowboy boots and a ribbon with the inscription “Mom” on the chest. Baldwin donned a pink wig and dramatic makeup.


Guests included pregnant Rumer Willis and soon-to-be grandmother Kim Basinger. The 69-year-old Oscar winner dressed down for the family vacation. The actress dressed down with a black top, a gray pantsuit, and leather shoes. Kim wore natural makeup and abundant hair. Mitch Stone, her lover, accompanied the Hollywood celebrity.

Fans of the star family are raucously discussing the rare mother-daughter footage. “Kim is a very cool mom. Mine wouldn’t dare come to a strip club,” “How nice to see you together,” “I love you and your mom,” “Kim will make a great grandmother,” users commented.

The reception was without Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria. Because of the catastrophe on the set of “Rusty,” the actor is preoccupied with legal matters. A fresh case was brought against the father of several children. Compensation for moral harm was sought from the performer. Eyewitnesses to the incident reported briefly losing their hearing.


Ireland allowed herself to unwind the day after the party. The pregnant model posted a photo of herself on the beach. Baldwin photographed her nude stomach. “Where are my butts?” joked the model, referring to the game in which animals strive to catch their small butts and tails. Baldwin is nearing the end of her pregnancy. The actress stripped naked for a picture shoot to show off her new body.

Kim Basinger is the name that the model chose for her grandchild. Ireland named her daughter Holland after the country.

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With cowboy boots and a ribbon on her chest. Alec Baldwin’s pregnant daughter and ex-wife show up at Hollywood nightclub
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