Sofia looks fabulous in a biкini! Her hottest swimsսit photos

Sofia looks fabulous in a biкini! Her hottest swimsսit photos

Sofa Vergara, the actress, knows how to turn heads in a biкini! Whether she’s lounging on a beach or going for a swim, the Modern Family alum isn’t shy to flaunt her perfect skin and sеxy curves.

Her beach body, however, did not come lightly – the Colombia native follows a workout regimen to stay in shape.

In a February 2017 interview with SELF magazine, Sofa said that she dislikes working out but recognises its necessity.”I’m ageing, and I know that it does make a difference,

and you can see it in the women and men who work out,” she explained at the time. “Things start to change, and I’m like, the only thing to do is go and take advantage of it.”

However, the Chef actress does not follow the same diet. Sofa stated that she varies up her workouts every six months or so, and that she was involved in boxing at the time of her interview.

“I can’t do CrossFit or anything that requires jumping because I have very bad knees,” she explained.

Her slim form is achieved with a nutritious diet, with a “balance” of sweets every now and again.

“I do have a lot of fruits and vegetables, and we cook fresh meats,” Sofa explained. “But I also have ice cream and dessert, which we do on weekends.” During the week, I try to keep my cool.”

When it comes to going to the beach, the America’s Got Talent judge stressed the importance of sunscreen for skincare.

“I started using sunblock when I was very young on my face,” she explained, before adding that she regrets not understanding “that you should also put it on your chest and neck.”

Sofa occasionally posts swimwear images of herself to her Instagram account, some of which date back to her 1990s days in Miami, Florida. Sofia settled in the sunny region after coming to the United States in 1998, until she moved to Los Angeles later in her acting career.

“#tbt Miami,” she captioned a seductive, flashback Instagram carousel image from February 2022, while dressed in a two-piece camouflage costume.

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Sofia looks fabulous in a biкini! Her hottest swimsսit photos
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