The breeder could not believe her eyes when she saw who her horse had given birth to.

Sometimes the probability of an event tends to zero, but nevertheless, it happens. Probably, it is such amazing cases that are called a miracle. This story happened at the stable in the farm of Tanya McKee, located in the vicinity of the city of Exeter in the English county of Devonshire. A woman has been breeding horses for a long time, but an experienced British breeder had to face a truly unique phenomenon. The fact is that in Tanya’s stable there is a very unusual mare named Destiny. A year and a half ago, an incredible story happened to the animal. The mare bore and gave birth to two identical foals.

This is an exceptional case, because the vast majority of twins die in the womb within 6 weeks after conception. But even those foals who manage to survive during this period still die without ever seeing the light. Experts estimate the chances of identical cubs to be born as 10000 to 1! Therefore, when Fate gave birth to healthy foals, the breeder’s joy simply had no limits! At the same time, the mare was previously examined by a veterinarian, who did not find twins in her womb. Experts say that the anatomy of a horse simply does not provide for the possibility of bearing and giving birth to more than 1 foal. Therefore, the case of Fate was really considered unique.

The mare became a mother of beautiful foals, but Tania understood how difficult it was for her to bear, give birth and feed babies. Therefore, the breeder gave Fate a little rest, after which she again decided to get a new offspring. For these purposes, McKee used an Irish sports horse with an excellent pedigree. The stallion was a participant in the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000. From the union with such a noble horse, a very special foal was to be born. That’s exactly what the experienced breeder thought. She had no idea how right she was. When Destiny got pregnant, she was sent to the vet. The doctor found nothing unusual, the fetus was developing normally. The horse was gaining more and more weight, at the end of the term her belly was just huge.

Tania was waiting for the birth to help her pet if necessary. But Fate was able to surprise her mistress this time too! When the breeder saw who her horse had given birth to, she was simply speechless! It’s impossible to believe, but Fate… she gave birth to twins again! It turns out that a 19-year-old mare gave birth to two pairs of twins in 18 months! Such cases are truly unique, because the chance of successfully carrying twins twice is simply minimal. The mare named Destiny has thrown a real challenge to the theory of relativity! Her chances of having 2 pairs of twins were estimated as 1 in 1,000,000! Now the foals have grown up, they are running around the farm at full speed, mom does not leave the kids a step. The breeder can’t get enough of the offspring.

The woman is surprised how the veterinarians did not find the twins during the examination, and for the first and second time. Tania notes that no such cases have been known so far. The birth of twins in mares is an amazing rarity, but the repetition of such a story is simply an out-of-the-ordinary event. Fate knows nothing about her exclusivity, she was able to successfully bear and give birth to healthy twins twice, completely unaware of how unusual her story is considered by people.

It’s just great that the first pair of twins have already grown up, they are perfectly healthy. The second twin also feels good, while the mother has enough milk for two babies. As the breeder says, foals grow strong, brave and healthy. And they are also as snow-white as their dad. That’s all friends!

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The breeder could not believe her eyes when she saw who her horse had given birth to.
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