71-year-old fashion model defies all beauty and age stereotypes: ‘You’ll never know if you don’t try.’

Rosa Saito’s image of a fashion model may not be shared by everyone. She’s 71 years old and discovered her passion for modeling later in life.

She did, however, demonstrate that the world’s superficial and conventional beauty standards do not accurately describe beautiful. In the world of modeling, Rosa Saito believes that age is simply a number.

Fashion model Rosa Saito

She recalled how much she enjoyed the arts even as a child, and how she frequently demonstrated this in school. “I was the only one who filled the classroom walls with drawings that told a tale,” Rosa explained.

Young fashion model Rosa Saito

Rosa, like the rest of us, has her share of hardships and difficulties in life. She was just 22 years old when she was forced to care for her ailing mother while others her age were studying or working.

Her spouse died in 2000, leaving her with their three children. Since then, she has had to raise them on her own.

Despite the difficulties of life, she sought refuge in gardening. “It is critical to seek and find yourself.” And my peaceful moment is with them (plants). Rosa explained, “I go to my garden and communicate to them.”

Rosa Saito in a fashionable couture red dress

Rosa’s Fashion Model Career

Rosa always knew she was supposed to do something creative, but she never imagined herself as a model, especially at her age.

It all began when two modeling scouts unexpectedly approached her and invited her to join their agency. Following that, a photographer approached her and asked her to be their model.

Fashion model Rosa Saito in pink dress

“It was done three times by Mega modeling agency specialists and once by a photographer.” After all, it had cost money for me to let the concept mature for a year. It wasn’t something I was going to jump into blindly,” Rosa recounted.

Rosa, 68, wanted to give modeling a go despite her lack of industry experience. Her daring spirit led her down the path she was always supposed to walk.

Finally, she discovered her life’s biggest interest and is still working on it. She even altered her given name, Setsuko Saito, to Rosa Saito to make it simpler to pronounce.

Fashion model Rosa Saito looking young in her trendy outfit

Rosa appears to be a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry. She became an overnight sensation with over 22,000 followers in just a year.

Rosa, on the other hand, was not looking for the limelight. “I merely want to do my best in what I love and to find myself,” Rosa explained. “I thought to myself, ‘Be what God desires.’” I’ll never know if I don’t try.”

Rosa’s Aspirations for the Beauty Industry

Rosa Saito in a white dress

Rosa is naturally tall and thin, and she is always conscious of her physical appearance. She was raised on natural treatments and never used aspirin as a child.

“It was all centered on tea, and in my essence, I am like that, kind of anti-chemistry.” So I always used aloe, coconut oil, and olive oil to take care of myself,” she explained.

Fashion model Rosa Saito with blue eyeshadow

When asked if there is anything she would change about herself, she stated that she does, but she is not unhappy with herself.

“I don’t think the word aging is appropriate. I’d say learning. I’m still learning, and it seems like the more I learn, the less I know. Time does pass, but what is time, my God in heaven? If I had to rate my soul, I would give it a 22.

Rosa Saito during a photoshoot

For her, the standards of the beauty industry are quite oppressive but she believes they will improve.

“I feel that slowly, we are changing. People are living longer, taking care of themselves more and companies really need to open up more in that sense and visualize these potential customers.”

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71-year-old fashion model defies all beauty and age stereotypes: ‘You’ll never know if you don’t try.’
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