Robert Finley’s original “Souled Out On You” earns standing ovation – AGT: All-Stars

America’s Got Talent debuted its spin-off AGT: All-Stars recently on NBC. It features various contestants worldwide & involves performers from all other “Got Talent” franchises competing against one another to win the title and the $1 million cash prize.

Robert Finley

One of the performers to look out for is Robert Finley, who participated in Season 14 of AGT. The blind war veteran was previously eliminated in the semi-finals of the Judges’ Choice round.

He returns to AGT: All-Stars with his original “Souled Out On You.” The 65-year-old Louisiana native had glaucoma a few years ago. However, after losing his vision, Finley started to understand music better.

Robert Finley

In a pre-performance interview, Finley says he signed a record deal after his elimination. He also recorded a new album while touring with some excellent musicians, such as “Black Keys.”

Robert Finley proves that age is just a number and there is always time to start what you dream. After the performance, Howie Mandel tells the talented singer, “Everyone was standing. You had absolutely everybody in this room on their feet.”

“Your voice is unbelievable, and you’re just doing this dance. Like going all the way down to the ground, I was like, yes!!” says Heidi Klum. While Simon Cowell tells Finley, “Robert, I wish I had a Platinum Buzzer right now. Gold’s not good enough for that. That was extraordinary.”

Howie Mandel tells Finley, “It was a star performance. Are you happy with this choice?” To which Finley responds and says, “Yes, Sir.” Mandel thanks him for coming back and tells him he is one of the best contestants tonight.

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Robert Finley’s original “Souled Out On You” earns standing ovation – AGT: All-Stars
The judges chuckled on the song selection of this girl. But her performance dropped them out of their chairs!