Soldiers returning home surprise their loved ones in these emotional videos

This nine-minute compilation of TikToks shows various service members returning home. Many of them sneak up on their loved ones in an effort to surprise them, but every reunion is full of heartwarming moments that are sure to make you smile.

In the first clip, we see a family eating dinner. Judging by the reactions of the people at the table, they already knew this young female soldier was returning. One woman points while looking at the soldier, indicating toward the corner of the room.

The person she was pointing at was most likely the soldier’s mother. The soldier walks quietly over to the woman, slaps her butt, then steps back, smiles, and says, “hey.”

She turns around, looks at the soldier for a second, then immediately starts freaking out. Screaming, throwing her hands around, smiling, and laughing, she’s obviously overjoyed that this solder has returned.

Both women hug, sharing a long embrace before—presumably the—dad wanders over to greet his daughter. The scene is simply adorable, with everyone smiling and laughing merrily for the reunion.

The following clip takes place in a hallway, where we see a soldier standing down the hallway. A woman in scrubs comes out of the doorway into the hall and walks toward the camera.

Once the lady in scrubs has taken a few steps down the hall, the soldier begins to follow her. However, she can’t quite sneak up on the woman before she’s noticed.

Having been caught, the soldier simply whispers “hi” before the two share a joyful and loving embrace. This adorable moment is just one of many included in this video. If you love seeing joyous reunions and soldiers returning home, you’ll want to watch the entire video: it’s simply amazing. Welcome home, soldiers!

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Soldiers returning home surprise their loved ones in these emotional videos
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