2-year-old boy with southern drawl tells a story about a cow

A wide-eyed boy curled up on a bed talks about his cow in detail, but not what his parents are asking about. The baby’s beautiful name is Olan, he is only two years old and loves to share his skills and experiences.

Both his parents are with him and they ask when the cow did something to him. With his beautiful southern drawl, Olan began to talk about the time he drove a cow and it knocked him down.

His eyes were looking far away as he remembered again those terrible moments when the cow wouldn’t come down. He was able to tell that story with the help of his whole body.

Olan was shaking his head and moving his hands to get his parents’ attention. When the parents asked what the cow actually did with the shoe, Olan reminded them that it was another cow.

A cow had licked Olan’s shoe and eaten it, but he didn’t want to talk about it. He got a little frustrated when his parents kept asking him questions about the cow.

Olan only wanted to talk about that wonderful time when the cow drove away. Fortunately, he was able to tell about his experience.

It was an exciting and amazing story, full of action and deep disappointment. Olan was obviously quite unhappy that the cow had torn him apart, but he was very happy to have finished his whole story.

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