Contestant moves judges with powerful cover of “Amazing Grace”

Everyone was delighted and fascinated to hear his voice. He definitely had to sing this song.

Let us remind you about Angela Fabian. Chances are, after watching this very performance for The Voice Australia, you will definitely be looking for his music all over the internet.

Fabian is a jazz, soul and blues singer born in Omaha, Nebraska. At the age of twelve he began to sing in church. You can say that the sound of his singing is given from above.

Here he performs with the powerful redemption “Amazing Grace”. Angela’s powerful voice immediately captivated the coaches and all the audience, so much so that they could not stop cheering and applauding her as the others turned around.

This tired signal has been working in the United Nations for 6 years already. Fabian considered it right to travel and perform in places as unique to soldiers as Iceland, Germany, Somalia, Egypt, Honduras, and Japan.

Watch and listen to this breathtaking rendition of “Amazing Grace below”

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Contestant moves judges with powerful cover of “Amazing Grace”
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