The Cutest 4-Year-Old Girl Narrates Her Snowboarding Adventure

This adorable four-year-old is snowboarding down the slope while singing a song that will undoubtedly brighten your day.

It’s one thing to see a toddler gliding confidently on her snowboard, but seeing her glide in her dino costume is quite another. Her father strapped a microphone to her while she was snowboarding, and she sang a song that truly warmed hearts and lifted spirits!

“This way, heel slip,” sang this little dino girl. I’m not going to fall, but I might. That’s fine, because we all fall.” This is mostly true in our daily lives, but it is also true when it comes to snowboarding.

This young snowboarder fell a few times before getting up and trying again. It was difficult for her to get up at times, but she made light of her mistakes. When it took her a long time to get up after a fall, she dubbed herself “Stuck-asuarus.” After falling flat on her face, she dubbed herself “Powder-asuarus.” Her adorable face could have been covered in powdery snow.

Life, it seems, should not be taken too seriously, as this young lady demonstrated. It’s inspiring just to watch her enjoy snowboarding, fall, and get back up while humming a tune! May we, too, take things one step at a time, enjoy life, get back up after a fall, and learn from it, all while carrying a tune. When we don’t take failures too seriously, things will be a lot lighter and brighter.

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The Cutest 4-Year-Old Girl Narrates Her Snowboarding Adventure
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