The makeup artist made her old grandmother unrecognizable.

How to hide age flaws? The older we get, the more our body and face change. Spots and wrinkles appear on the face, which are already considered a sign of old age. We all dream of being young, of having healthy and fresh skin. and how to fight aging, look young and not notice the signs of aging? Naturally, it is not easy to immediately reverse the youthful appearance, but it is possible to correct flaws and wrinkles as much as possible and look younger than your age for several years. Young makeup artist Julie Stehan has her own idea and perspective on makeup and skin freshness.

Before any make-up, it is first necessary to take into account certain nuances. A very important condition is the frequent use of firming masks, deep cleansing of the skin, smoothing of wrinkles, softening and nutrition of the skin. After providing all these conditions, you can use the makeup products. Julie first tested this make-up version on her 80-year-old grandmother.

She highlighted her version of anti-aging makeup. Most importantly, she tried to preserve her grandmother’s features and smooth out the wrinkles as much as possible. In makeup, it is very important to emphasize the strengths of the face and hide the flaws. This is exactly how this young make-up artist works. Choosing the right makeup is very important. It can work wonders, but at the same time it can have the opposite effect. If the correct and appropriate makeup is chosen, it can make your client more than 10 years younger, but whether you factored something in wrong or not, your client will look older than they really are .

In old age, it is not recommended to use bright makeup as it makes you look older. The most recommended are matte shades, not too much foundation or concealer. Lipstick should not be too shiny. This old woman’s makeup was done by her granddaughter, taking care of all the details. And to everyone’s surprise, the transformation was simply amazing. The 80-year-old woman looked 20 years younger. It’s always nice to be beautiful. Regardless of age, if the soul is young, one should always watch the appearance. A well-groomed woman always feels young.

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The makeup artist made her old grandmother unrecognizable.
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