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Finally a daughter: a girl was born in a family with 14 boys
It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be a mother of a girl if you’ve only had boys for more than a decade.
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Emotional moment as blind man sees wife and family for the first time
For a man who has never met a woman and a son in his life, the gift of sight seems almost impossible.
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Dolly Parton got kicked out of a hotel on her first trip to NYC
Conan O’Brien hosted the most famous people during his late night show. In another issue, he invited
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16-year-old ‘Got Talent’ contestant proves Simon Cowell wrong with “Let It Go”
When Disney released Frozen, the whole world was not ready for sisters Elsa and Anna and how they renamed
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Vocal prodigy leaves ‘Got Talent’ judges in a daze, “She is not normal!”
Holland was able to acquire his talent (HGTT) had a sensational and unforgettable moment, when a young
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Contestant moves judges with powerful cover of “Amazing Grace”
Everyone was delighted and fascinated to hear his voice. He definitely had to sing this song.
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5-year-old BFFs get same haircut so they’ll no longer have any differences
Children’s hearts lack prejudice—something that bears repeating in a world where many adults revert to
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Couple’s country dance starts like any other until man picks her up and starts spinning her around
No wonder they got 1st place! And what really happens when a modern boy suddenly meets a woman full of
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10 UNEXPECTED voices that don’t look how they sound
Finding the best voices worldwide has always been challenging for judges on reality shows. Whether it
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Girl’s impromptu performance of Adele hit in Walmart racks up 46M views
Her voice is amazing – she’s definitely going places! Almost all of us know and love Adele.
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68 Million Views. The girl sang so that the judges fell on their knees in front of her.
A 7-year-old girl named “Chelsea” came to participate in “The Voice” vocal show. Kids, where he performed
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Two-Year-Old Adorably Belts Out the National Anthem
A crowd at a Varsity Basketball game in a Manahawkin, NJ high school (Southern Regional), got a delightful surprise!
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Tenant for 23 years stunned after landlord gifts her the house
Landlords are well-known for asking for more money from their tenants. But John Perret was different.
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3-year-old boy has adorable reaction to being adopted after 2 years in foster care
Adopting a child who is in need of a loving home is one of the kindest things you can do. A child finding
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Younger brother asks sister with Down Syndrome to be Maid of Honor at his wedding
Perhaps the most beautiful thing about the love shared between siblings is that it is so very unconditional.
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Toddler best friends hug like they haven’t seen each other in years – when it’s actually been 2 days
The vast majority of us like to think we’re warm, sensitive people who are always there to give a hug
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These remarkable quadruplet sisters recently celebrated their first birthday.
Caroline, Darcy, Alexis, and Elisha were all born prematurely, at only 30 weeks. It’s difficult to believe
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14-Year-Old Gets QUICKEST Chair Turn On ‘The Voice’
“Jade De Rijcke, a 14-year-old singer, wowed the judges on ‘The Voice Kids Belgium’ before going on to